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Adidas Supernova Sequence 3

Adidas Supernova Sequence 3 is a running shoe that falls within the category of stability with a weight of 13 grams and a suggested price of $100.

This shoe is highly recommended for heavier runners, and over-pronators needing the extra support of the heel and arch for greater comfort. Stability and comfort are very pointed in the design of this running shoe. The Adidas Supernova Sequence 3 has moderate arch support and cushioning is fixed throughout the shoe. Even during the strike a foot is protected and it is because it cradles your foot perfectly. Runners will feel their feet being guided and will also help to correct the pronation when running.

A Supernova Sequence 3 sole unit contains all the bells and whistles normally found in a running shoe support system. Wet and rough terrain is no match for the great support as well as grip offered by the slightly grooved design and traction will not be a problem in different areas and terrain. Great mid-foot and heel cushioning in the midsole and the impact will be lower for heel strikers and excessive over-pronators running will find themselves running at a different stance than before.

AdiWEAR used on the sole and adiPRENE foam for the area around mid-sole are used in the promotion of correct foot movement. A well-cushioned front foot is designed for fast foot turnover, which is firm but soft to provide the foundation for the toe area.

An upper Adidas Supernova section 3 provides a moderate stiffness without sacrificing convenience and without compromising on padding. They are sewn-up of micro-suede, which allows you to move, shift, and flex the foot while still continues to be supported and comfortable. Feet will not be exposed at all, but keeping feet cool as the micro-suede allows the foot to breathe and be very comfortable

The padding around the ankles is broad and offers a really great support for the feet and ankles during the race and keep it from moving. It has a slip-resistant and antibacterial sock lining, which is great in prevention of overheating of the feet, even over long distances. The only slightly negative aspect of the shoe is that it is a bit heavy and a runner will definitely feel it after a long run. It is not uncomfortably heavy though and you will be able to get used to it especially with the great support system the shoe offers you.