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Clinical Study on the New Sketchers Shape Ups

The new Sketchers Shape Ups shoes have created a lot of buzz during the past few years. So what is the big deal with them? They claim to make normal, every day activities such as walking and standing a challenging workout to help people become more fit. You can literally get a workout without every stepping into the gym. Is this just another fad, or is it for real?

Case studies show that walking in Sketchers Shape Ups increases muscle activity and energy consumption. In one clinical study, doctors and researchers confirmed that walking in Shape Ups may have benefits on our health, including:

1. More toned and strengthened leg, back, buttock and abdominal muscles

2. Reduced body fat

3. Improved circulation, aerobic conditioning, and exercises tolerance

4. Improved posture, relieving muscle tension and back/joint problems

This study shows that Shape Ups' dynamic rolling bottom, soft foam insert, and dual density midsole produce real results. Here are some figures.

November 2009

80 men and women completed a prescribed and measured eight week walking program, which compared subjects wearing Shape Ups to shoe wearing normal athletic shoes.

The average results for Shape Ups wearers included:

2.78 pounds of weight loss, compared to.30 pounds for the control group.

A 1.31% reduction of body fat, versus.57% for the control group.

A 114% improvement in glutei, hamstring, and gastrocnemius muscles, versus 68% for the control group.

A 23% improvement in low back endurance strength, versus.04% for the control group.