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How to Make the Most Out of Black Friday

While the days before Thanksgiving and Christmas are considered the busiest travel days of the year, the day after Thanksgiving is considered to be the busiest shopping day of the year. Known as "Black Friday," especially among those who work at the top participating stores, including Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target, this day offers a wide variety of deals that has shoppers lined up outside the doors the night before for the chance to save a fist load of cash on otherwise incredibly expensive items such as computer monitors, televisions and DVDs. Given the overwhelming popularity of this day and the crazy deals you can find at numerous stores, there are a number of ways to beat the crowd.

Before venturing out into the swarming mass of bargain hunters the morning after Thanksgiving, your best bet is to take every circular you can find and map out your plan of attack. Find the best deals, the earliest opening times, and the most out-of-the-way stores to ensure your best chances of getting the items that you want at rock bottom prices. If you plan on hitting multiple stores, follow a pattern that allows for the shortest traveling distance so no time is unnecessarily wasted.

For the die-hards, the best way to ensure you get everything you want is to simply camp out the night before hand in front of the store. While this may seem like a relatively simple, albeit slightly annoying, prospect, bear in mind that the day after Thanksgiving is another day closer to winter, and for those who do not live in the southern states will most likely be met with frigid weather, wind and maybe even a little snow. Not only that, but you have to contend with others who had the same idea as you, and if you arrive too late, all of your waiting may be for naught.

If you prefer to wait, many of the smaller deals, such as cheap spindles of CDs, DVDs, and other smaller items tend to wait until the early or later afternoon hours of Black Friday to sell out, allowing you to stock up on some essentials without the major inconvenience of waking up at the crack of dawn. Unfortunately, this means you will have to most likely give up your chance for that super cheap television set or computer system.

One thing you have to be aware of is that consumers get volatile on Black Friday. People have been known to be trampled, and in some cases killed due to overeager individuals who refuse to give up their chance at getting a discount toaster. Practice safe shopping, be courteous and polite to not only the other customers but the staff at the stores you frequent, and simply treat others how you would want to be treated. In the end, you and everyone else will have a wonderful holiday, free of hospital bills and the glowing hatred of thousands of consumers.