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No Joy Allowed

Really, no joy allowed? No Joy at all? Sometimes it seems that way as we sit in our pews with our hands folded the entire sermon and the only "Amen" comes after prayer from the Pastor. Hey, my Mom was the organist; she still played until the age of 83 before she passed away. So I know and love the hymns. However, we have a new generation that hungers for the Rejoicing and the Joy that is promised to us. When we are Shining Lights, others will want to follow us! Are we ashamed to praise the Creator of the Universe? Of course not, but we will we jump out of our seats when our teams make a good point, and remain seated and silent as our Pastor does the as Jesus goes to the cross. Ouch.

Where did our Joy go? King David had it, and didn't care what anyone else thought. Jesus tells us we were set apart, even before we were born. Most of the world is troubled, yet we are to be Joyful. In fact, so Joyful that it goes beyond all comprehension!

So BE JOYFUL! Be Joyful even if you are the only one in the room that is Joyful, especially then!

If you just can't muster it up yet, allow me to help you:

You have the ability to read this right now. Take that away and see how joyful you should have been.

You serve a God that knows you can't earn your way to heaven, and doesn't expect you to. Wow, I'm joyful over that!

You serve the God that hears you even with all the wars and atrocities going on. There's hope and Joy!

You have an enemy, the devil. HE is the one stealing your Joy, taking your focus on what is really important. Be Joyful to spite him!

Did you have something to eat today? Be Joyful

Did you take a shower today stinky? I'm Joyful for that.

You have a Creator who loves you enough to die for you. Oh, He did. Be Joyful.

I Guarantee that your thoughts today are from seeds planted some time ago, so for now, you'll just have to "Act as if...". But start today by planting the good seeds right now! What kind of harvest do you want? You can't have watermelon when you plant corn, sorry.

"Where do you buy the good seed?" you ask, well, there are plenty in the Bible and they are free! This seed is guaranteed to make you Joyful! Yes, Joyful! Think about this, we serve a God with a great sense of humor, just look at the proboscis monkey, or the baboon or the wiener dog. Come on, as Christians we are commanded to be Joyful, because no one is considered a Shining Light when they are just ordinary. You won't lead anyone to Christ by complaining. We are to be praising and yes, having fun!

Our God says we have control over our thoughts, and if we are not Joyful, we are thinking upon the wrong things. I challenge you today, Sunday at Church, in line at the store, to your family... be JOYFUL, your God is near!