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Reasons to Stay Away From Fake Designer Sunglasses

Fake designer sunglasses are appealing for many simply because of the low cost and the way they resemble similar shades from top name brands. However, cheap knockoffs are generally not worth it in the long run as they are not likely to last very long. Here are just some of the reasons to stay from fakes as your money will be better spent on originals instead.

While the prices on knockoffs are likely to be very low when compared to the real deal, often times they are made of extremely low quality material. This means that the frame is more likely to be broken with usage or by accidentally dropping them. While this can certainly happen with originals, they are usually covered by some type of warranty that protects you in the event of an accident.

In addition, the lenses from fakes will also be made of low quality material which will cause them to be more easily scratched. This can be extremely inconvenient as even the smallest scratch can impede your vision. The lenses from knockoffs are also likely not to have sufficient UV protection which is essential to shielding your eyes from dangerous rays of the sun while being outdoors.

It is for these very reasons listed above that you are much better off saving a little more money to get originals as the price is generally worth it. While prices on designer sunglasses can easily exceed $200, they will be worth it in the long run as they can last for many years. Be sure to keep these factors in mind before you even think of getting fakes.