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Silly String - For the Season

For those of us who begin to stress about Christmas halfway through the year-- what are we going to do for so-and-so, and where am I going to find something for all those stockings and what about that never-ending question of what do you get for the person that has everything--there is a solution!

Finding treasures in the little things is always fun, especially if it doesn't cost much. In the quest for the perfect stocking stuffer, there is one thing that is a one-size-fits-all answer. It is the small can of silly string. Believe it or not, these cans will be so much fun for just about everyone. Of course you can't give it to the toddler, but for everybody else, it's a scream.

Teenagers will get a blast out of it, adults will even start giggling, and seniors will take a trip back in time and act young again. This is just the right thing for the person who has everything, too. I'll just bet they don't have a can of silly string sitting around. If you want to liven up the holidays, start by picking up a few cans of fake string, and it will get things rolling in a hurry. Can you imagine how much fun your kids will have when they find them in their stockings? What a great Christmas morning to have.

It works well if you are trying to get people to interact, too. At your next Christmas party, be sure and have some of these around, you won't regret it. Even it you aren't worried about Christmas just yet, it is a good thing to put in the back of your brain to remember to pick up when the holidays do get here, because they always will. However, it is easier to find the stuff these days than in the winter. One of the best things about it is that you don't have to spend a fortune on it. You can get a can for a dollar or two and believe me, it is worth it. We tried them for Easter, and we'll be buying some more of it in the future. Silly string is the perfect name for it, too, because you can't help getting silly when you have it in your hand. Another great thing about it is that you can clean it up easily.

It really doesn't make that big of a mess. It may seem like it at first, but when you let it dry, it's really a breeze to pick up. So, when the season rolls around, make it one to remember and grab the silly string.