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The Reebok I-Bike Review

The Reebok i-Bike is a wonderful exercise machine that uses top of the line M-Force technology. This allows for ultra silent use whether you are using the brakes or not. To toughen up any wimpy workout there are 8 manual levels of resistance that you can use to change up your fitness routine. Also, the flywheel weight is a 6 kilograms which means that it will run smoothly.

This cycle reads out all of the important details on the easy to see LCD display screen. You can see how long you have been exercising, how much distance you have covered, speed amount, incline amount, pulse and rotations per minute. You can also see how many calories you have burned and all of which will help use the workout programs that come standard.

Everything is totally adjustable including a vertical adjustment knob for the seat and the handle bars can be set to customize the fit as well. The floor leveling feature makes it ultra easy to adjust the machine to where it sits properly on the floor, which makes for a stable workout.

The Reebok i-Bike is purposely styled to work with anyone, no matter their level of expertise or level of fitness. Whether they are training to meet weight goals, muscle goals or strength and endurance goals, this cycle will help to get you through anything. Adding cycling to your weekly workout routine will help influence a well-rounded routine that you will easily enjoy as long as you are 120 kilograms or less.

The measurements of the Reebok i-Bike are relatively small and easy to manage. Many users are deterred from buying such a product because many exercising machines, including cycles, are big and odd shaped, which makes it hard to place in the home. Fortunately, this model is more than able to look good in small or wide spaces. Overall it's an excellent exercise bike which will mean your money will be well spent.