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The Tony Robbins Success Formula - The Company You Keep

Do you want to make success in business and in life easy or difficult? The answer is obvious and here is what one of the world's greatest success coaches suggests. Tony Robbins success formula goes like this: find someone who has gotten the results you want, copy them, and you'll get their results.

This is not just a theory. Some revealing studies show that we are more connected than we realize. Harvard researcher Nicholas Christakis summarized the findings in this way: "People are embedded in social networks and the health and wellbeing of one person affects the health and well being of others... Human happiness is not the province of isolated individuals."

Three Degrees of Connection

The large study showed that others' behavior around you is contagious. And it's not just your friends who affect you. Even friends of friends have a notable impact. Take smoking as an example. You are 61% more likely to smoke if you have a direct connection with a smoker. And it may surprise you to hear that you are still 29% more likely to smoke if that friend of a friend (who you don't even know) is a smoker. This influence also continues to the next degree: you are 11% more likely to smoke if a friend of a friend of a friend smokes.

Peer influence goes the other way too. If your friends are healthy or happy, you are more likely to be healthy or happy, too. This social network influence extends to many areas, including weight, happiness, loneliness and more. The "three degrees of connection" influences all kinds of behavior, including your success in life.

Your Success and Those Closest to You

You may also have heard the idea that your success is reflected by the five people closest to you. If you are spending most of your time with people who are not supportive of your dreams and goals, this would suggest that your road to success will be much more challenging.

This idea may not be an absolute truth, but it provides some food for thought. It points to the importance of being around like minded, heart-centered professionals who are focused on success just as much as you are.

Being More Intentional with Your Life

The important point here is to create a community around you that can take you to the next level of success. This includes two essential elements: first, like minded peers who can support you in creating the life you desire, and second, more experienced mentors who can provide a roadmap for your success.

Here are some elements of supportive people drawn from Trent Hamm's The Simple Dollar blog.

Supportive people:

* are excited about your dreams and goals * uplift you when you need added support and encouragement * bring out the best in you * don't expect you to please them * are there for you and can be counted on for support

We would add a supportive community can also share resources members have found useful, thereby saving each other time and effort.