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Tips To Make Money Selling Digital Photographs

The first task for any digital photographer is to create an attractive portfolio and also to organize photos in an accessable files on your computer. Limit your photos to about 20 per file and use names that will help you to easily locate them when the need arises.

Photo quality is extremely important so try and get it right from the start as editing photos will reduce their quality and may therefore be rejected by the leading stock photogaphy sites. Make sure the camera settings are fixed at an optimim resolution - VERY IMPORTANT. Another good tip is to keep the sunlight directly behind you and for indoor photography using the flash and closing curtains will produce better quality shots.

For basic cropping and image resizing use Photoshop Elements 6 as other free online software will reduce the quality of photos for these basic editing procedures. The software is available at and I can also recommend some excellent training videos for Elements 6 provided by that will show you some excellent editing techniques that will actually improve overall photo quality.

Never miss the perfect shot, so remember that digital photos can just be erazed, so always take 3 or 4 shots of your subject image. I could add to that and say never leave your digital camera at home as you never know when the perfect shot could arise and a mobile camera just isn't good enough for the strict photo quality standards.

Now I have already mentioned stock photography sites that are the basis for making money from your digital photographs and they don't accept just any digital photographers work and supply a small test that needs to be passed before you are allowed to submit your digital photos for sale on the stock photography sites. This is why the overall quality is so important otherwise you will have wasted your time and resourses.

Once you begin to submit your work don't get over zealos and just present your very highest quality photos otherwise potential clients will be put off. Presentation is the key to success so that is why the organisation of photos is all so important right from the first photo. Just one more point regarding the photo files and I would definitely recommend that you use the JPEG format as other file types may be rejected by some stock photography sites.

Apart from the stock photography sites there are a whole range of other photo business options whereby you can literally turn your photos into cash.