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What to Look for When Buying Electronics: Tips to Select the Rig

It can be difficult to choose the brand, model and make of an electronic product, especially with so many choices available in the market. From refrigerators to televisions, every brand selling such electronic equipment has its own USPs and features. The key is to match your needs and requirements with the features being offered by each different brand. When purchasing electronics, make sure you are completely aware of the different features and options that each brand of electronics has to provide. Cost is of course the main concern, but other things like energy efficiency, warranties, quality, convenience and appeal are also important considerations. Here is a list of electronics including TVs, refrigerators, home theatre systems, laptops and cameras and what the important features you must ask about when selecting the brand and model to buy.

TVs The first thing that you need to look for in a television set is the picture quality. Sony and Samsung provide the best picture quality. And if price is your priority, go for TVs like Toshiba and Phillips. Also look at the television set while it is turned off to ensure that you like its appearance. Also make sure that it goes with the whole d?�cor of the place where you intend to place it.

Refrigerators/Fridges There are many brands available for refrigerators, each offering different features. Some of the important features that you must look out for in a fridge are size, temperature controls, Energy Star logo to ensure saving of electricity, vegetable bin temperature and freshness control, ice and water dispenser, adjustable shelves, separate controls for fridge and freezer compartments, etc.

Home Theatre Systems When it comes to home theatre systems, Bose is considered the undisputed leader. However, most people would be discouraged by its high prices. In the moderate price category, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and Phillips are the leading brands. A comparison of these will reveal that Samsung is the most energy-efficient. But if it's sound quality and surround sound feel that you most value, Panasonic is your best bet.

Laptops As far as laptops are concerned, the market has a myriad of brands to offer. Toshiba, Dell, Sony Viao, Acer, Lenovo and Samsung are just a few. While the processor speed, screen size, RAM weight may be more or less the same for each of these, the difference lies in cache memory capacity, drive capacity, battery life and extra features such as blu-ray player, HDMI output and wireless display. Compare each brand to see which features appeal most to you.

Cameras Panasonic, Nikon (Coolpix), Canon and Sony (Cyber-shot) rule the roost in the area of cameras and camcorders. Of course the overall resolution and image quality depends upon the resolution of the camera. But the other things that must be borne in mind include optical and digital zoom, screen size, face detection, image stabilization and flash range.

The above are some of the things to bear in mind when purchasing electronics. Make sure you find out about these and compare them for each brand to know which model suits you the best.